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(here is a short summary of what the weekend was like in the company of two great scholars)

Day 1: Mufti Muhammed ibn Adam

On the first day fifteen ahadeeth of the Compendium of Knowledge and Wisdom were covered by Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam.

The day begun with Mufti Muhammad providing the students background knowledge of the book and author. We were also informed of how and as to why the Compendium of Knowledge and Wisdom was written. We were also told of why this book was so unique and well known in comparison to other books of the same kind.

Thereafter each hadeeth was taught with great extensive explanation. Various topics were covered which included:
  • Intentions and actions
  • Sincerity and ostentation
  • Beliefs (aqeedah)
  • History of how teachings of Islam were divided into three a) Aqeedah b)Fiqh c)Tasawwuf
  • Bay'ah (pledge)
  • Fate
  • Excellency (ihsaan)
  • 5 pillars of Islam
  • Initial stages of creation from sperm till the final stages of life
  • Abortion
  • Innovations
  • Halaal, haraam and the ambiguous
  • Taqwa (God-consciousness)
  • Counselling
  • Etiquette's of questioning and debating
  • Usury
  • Halal income
  • Acceptance of supplications
  • Leaving things which do not concern you
  • Rights of the servants of Allah
  • Evil of the tongue
  • as well as much more....
The approach taken by Mufti Muhammad was truly unique; his of light hearted jokes and mannerisms filled hearts with laughter whilst still conveying invaluable knowledge and wisdom. For many who attended, listening to Mufti Muhammad made them realise that age is not a limiting factor to attaining so much knowledge. This made them think of ways and means to increase their own knowledge and understanding of the Deen.

The ahadeeth were taught in a manner that people could really relate to in their day to day lives, as well as implement. This turned out to be an invaluable approach as many who attended felt that when they attended other talks they left not fully understanding how to practically incorporate the lessons which they had been taught, into their lives. This method of teaching was so practical and understandable that it was felt that if one were approached about topics like tasawwuf (that are so widely refuted and misunderstood), they could try to even explain it to others in such a simple manner.

Alhamdulillah people of all levels and backgrounds attended and yet no-one felt as if they had left empty handed at the end of the day. Instead, it made everyone look more forward to the next day. Mufti Muhammad kept the students listening with humour and people who attended felt they understood much of what was being taught. This is excellent news as it meant Turath Publishing had reached their aim (Alhamdulillah), in educating the students with the 'ilm of the ahadeeth on a practical level.

Day 2: Shaykh Abdur Raheem

On the second day of the course Shaykh Abdur Raheem taught the next ten ahadeeth. In total twenty-five ahadeeth were covered out of the fifty over the weekend.

This day too, was just as good as the first even though the pace of the Shaykh was fast. In no way was this a criticism. Infact all students felt that this in itself was a sign showing Shaykh's vast understanding of the various topics covered in the ahadeeth.

Some of the topics covered in day two were:
  • Sending salutations on the prophet (s.a.w)
  • Musalsal bil awwaliyyat (will be explained in future post)
  • Anger and its types
  • Shirk
  • Character of the Prophet (s.a.w)
  • Heaven and hellfire
  • Excellency (ihsaan)
  • Death penalty
  • Laws of slaughtering
  • Taqwa
  • Satisfaction
  • Dhikr (Remembrance of Allah)
  • Good character
  • Boundaries and limits set by Allah
  • Modesty
  • Istiqaama (Being steadfast)
  • Halal and haraam
  • Salah
  • Cleanliness
  • Ablution
  • Sadaqah
  • Injustice
  • As well as much more...
The day was excellent in the sense that everyone felt that the Shaykh was somewhat of a father figure who they could look up to. Whose every utterance shook the heart and at times even brought tears to the eyes.

On this day there was a lot naseeha for our day to day lives, which was another thing which the students felt they did not get much of elsewhere. This course really provided that missing factor in life. It fitted in really well with many of the things Mufti Muhammad taught in the previous day.

As Shaykh spoke the students felt very happy and willing to carry on listening as they knew he appreciated their attendance as he stated on many occasions. His du'aas made all students feel very special. It almost felt like a father encouraging us to do the things to the best of our ability without leaving our Islam behind.

Sadly, the weekend came to an end all to quickly and we all had to leave and get back to our busy lives once again. This weekend really felt as if we were all taken back to the time of Rasoolullah (s.a.w) and reminded me of what many of the campanions' would say to the Prophet (s.a.w)things like: "When we are with you we remember heaven and hell and when we return to our homes and families it is as if we forget this." But this served to remind us that the biggest test is when we are in our normal environment. Is it your Islam which will determine what you do or the desire of your hearts?

We pray that all students practice upon the knowledge attained, and that we are all given the opportunity to propagate the knowledge gained. Ameen

All coming posts will be directly related to the course. We encourage anyone who will be following the blog to purchase the Compendium of Knowledge and Wisdom, it will prove to be very beneficial insha'Allah. The book can be Googled and purchased from many online Islamic bookstores.
All Arabic and English versions of the ahadeeth are all courtesy of Turath Publishing. Please make du'aa that Allah accepts their efforts. Ameen.

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